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Abby and Jack using the Balance Brace. Sept 2021.


Place the inside foot, facing each other, side by side with the feet aligned so that heel meets toe. Place the outside leg/foot back for stability and balance.👉🏾(In the images you can see Abby and Jack don’t have their inside foot aligned properly. They shuffled a bit, but their feet as seen are not where they would be at the start.)

Each Person holds the alternating recessed grips (one uses the colored grips, the other uses the non-colored grips) closest to each person’s body.

Begin by holding the brace at the core of the stomach.

On a count, attempt to throw the other person off balance. Off balance can be determined before engaging. It can be as slight as one foot having to be lifted off the ground in order to prevent being pitched downward. Perhaps allow for a foot slide?

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