Fine Arts Bivouac: Tent of Curiosities with eight objects from eight artists. Plumas Sierra County Fair, 2017.
Casey's custom Camp Kitchen (winter 2017) in the field somewhere near Wyoming.
 From my series profiling/photographing work spaces for artists and artisans.
Sarah and Ahren showing my darkroom photo students the spaces they are in the process of refurbishing and moving into for their studio practices.
I'll be introducing another photographic object on a large scale, a singular sculptural object that allows for a curious viewer to see anew or re-think how they perceive through my object's intervention. Unlike my smaller wood opticons this photographic object will integrate disparate parts and exist as a one-off work of art. The context for the object will be my tent of curiosities at a county fair. Seen is my Projector from a few years back that fits into this lineage of photographic objects.