Fresh Baked Conversation, an installation of the on-going series, Open Space, presented by Sierra Nevada College’s MFA Interdisciplinary Arts program.
Fresh Baked Conversation (RSVP only) will be held on Sat. June 13, 2-6pm at the bread oven at Kyburz Flat Interpretive Site, CA. Throughout the afternoon we’ll be offering pizza, fresh from the oven, plus tours, exhibits and exploration stations. You’ll also get a chance to learn about regional Basque history and join in conversations about encampments, place making and sheep ranching in the West.
Wood Opticons, June 2015 @ a site works series by the Fine Arts Dept, Sierra Nevada College. Northern Sierra Nevada site near a historic Basque oven.
1 of 9 Wood Opticons- 2015. These objects with color slides will be placed on site in the landscape soon-- two locations in the Sierra Nevada.
  Dutch Door install, Los Angeles.  Reclaimed Lumber.