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Collaborative Base Camp Box Prototype with Lost Sierra Company, Ca. 2021.



Poco Basecamp Box -2020 edition.

One of two I made out of some scrap plywood. All repurposed ply, dimensional lumber and hardware. More in the pipeline.


Smaller Base Camp Box. Winter 2020.


Custom Mobile Sheep Shearing Stand. Jan-2019

The base comes apart in two pieces. The shearing motor attaches to a “T” that can slide up and down a spine attached to the base. The shearer can bring this to sites that don’t offer any or much structural support to hang a shearing motor, but she needs to be able to lift and transport it. I designed and built it  in components to make it mobile.


Custom Base Camp Box, Sept. ’18:


Three Book Cubbies and a Fireplace Mantel/Supports- winter ’17-18



Base Camp Box, 5th ed.- winter ’17-18

New edition Base Camp Boxes, series of 5. Two are a “Bankson Lake” blue. The others will be different colors with slightly different interiors.


New Commissions on the dock- winter ’17-’18: 

A New Edition Base Camp Box– small batch (5): I’ll keep the exposed plywood hatch but change up the interior space/cubbies. Misty and Jovi want their own, but I’ll have three more on the shelf. One of the five might get a special edition paint scheme with the possibility it will be a single edition box for a Squaw Valley business.

Mirror Stands for Patagonia: These industrial design stands will add two needed mirrors in the new Reno Store which is a large brick industrial space that Patagonia has revived.  I did some other display work for Patagonia at this location over the summer ’17.

Modular Cubbies and a Fireplace Mantel: These clients just moved into a new house and want movable shelves for their book collection as well as a wood mantel to off-set the housing development set design of their home: key touches for two prominent rooms.


Casey’s Kitchen: custom camp box for Casey Clark, a regional ceramicist. 

winter 2017


Poco Yellow: new edition Camp Kitchen

fall 2016


Temple Family Commission, summer 2016:

Two modular wall size (11ft x 10ft) shelving units and a desk. Reclaimed lumber on all the parts except the shelves themselves.



Materials: These 2 ten foot long benches were built with reclaimed redwood for the seats and backs and reclaimed Douglas Fir for the arms/legs. Each bench was treated and sealed with a soak of hot linseed oil and then 4 different treatments of tung oil after super fine sanding in between each rub (24 hour drying time between each rub). Finally, after the oil is thoroughly dry, I rubbed a beeswax wood finish onto the wood. These can be treated with an oil based outdoor finish upon request.

Design: The essential design strategy I wanted was to create a long expansive and comfortable stretch of seating while teasing out the beauty of the expanse of the boards. I did this by minimizing the visibility of central supports underneath the benches and not interrupting the seats and backs. However, as with all of my designs, I didn’t neglect the backside of the benches when it comes to how they look and feel. These benches could sit out from a wall and look great. They are super stable, solid and surprisingly slim agains a wall.




Dutch Door 2015

Mt. Washington, Los Angeles client



New Hampshire Base Camp Box- 2015

This was a commission for a New Hampshire couple.



Hawaii BBQ Box – fall 2014

Custom altered Base Camp Box for a client on the island. It has a pull out top tray, hinged top, polyurethaned inside and out.



Two Green Issue, 3rd Edition Camp Boxes – summer 2014

One box was made for a client in Pennsylvania, the other was made for a family camper in Danville, Ca.



Maker Merchant Stand for Laura Beach, Santa Cruz

The Stand is mobile, on wheels, folds into two light transportable sections, has a desk/transaction station and other goodies.



Vanity Commission- for Lizzie and Paul at Lake Tahoe

Reclaimed douglas fir, oak and cedar. A concrete counter and oval basin with be placed in home.

vanity_done3vanity_done1image(2)photo 3


Commissioned  3rd edition Camp Box for W.DC client:

Charcoal black. Polyurethaned interior surfaces, lock clasp, designed to ship flat-packed.



Commissioned Cabinet:

Reclaimed vintage barn lumber. Linseed and Tung oil treatments.



Bike Stand (1 of 4):

Reclaimed redwood, re-used oak and pine.



3rd Edition Camp Box: 

3rd Editions Commissioned: Leanne W.- fall 2013, Robert S.- winter 2014.



Camera Obscura- 2013



Recent Commissions (winter 2012- fall 2013):






Nevada Museum of Art, Cafe:
Commissioned tables (4) and bar top, using reclaimed oak lumber, douglas fir and cedar lumber- 2012 (click on pics to enlarge):




More Furniture and other Design-Build projects  (click on Contact Page to inquire for more info.)

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