fine arts bivouac

NEW BIVOUAC PROJECTS ARE IN PLAY AND DOCUMENTATION IS ON IT’S WAY!… I pulled the page with documentation of past projects for the time being… until I can refresh the documentation. 

bivouac: (n.) a temporary encampment often in an un-sheltered area.

– The Fine Arts Bivouac  is a curatorial effort placing engaging contemporary art in/on location with a certain specificity of place or region integral to the intent of the artist and therefore the art. The temporary placement of the art, in most cases distant from the artist, will rely on the curatorial intent to find worthy locations that might get attention from perhaps the flaneur (urban) or hiker, alpinist or traveler. I am equally as interested in the resulting documentation of the bivouacs.

The distinction with the Fine Arts Bivouac, from an un-fixed location, is the singular focus on the art object through the curatorial effort and critical interest in the surprise attention of passersby in strategically considered locations. (If the artist is interested in participating in his or her own bivouac in the Great Basin or northern Sierra Nevada read information about this possibility below.)


Urban Bivouac, Los Angeles- with Becca and Logan looking up at her video animation.


– Proposals are being accepted from artists who want to submit projects that would fit into roaming or on-site, temporary exhibition opportunities in four different kinds of locations: the Great Basin, northern Sierra Nevada, Los Angeles or San   Francisco. I will act as curator and install or place the work without invasiveness or damage to site. I will also document the work, returning the art and thorough documentation to the artist after the exhibition. I’m looking for work that fits within an aesthetic and conceptual standard coming out of the history of discrete objects responding to and informing a locale.


If an artist is interested in bivouacking (camping) him or herself along with the art, I can function as guide and outfitter to an experience in either the Great Basin or Sierra Nevada. Making projects on-site, in the wilderness, while responding to locale could maximize the potential from this kind of experience.



Inquiry or Submission