My studio holds three practices: Fine Arts in the tradition of New Genres, Design-Build with an emphasis on furniture and the Fine Arts Bivouac- a new curatorial project.

The objects I make tend to occupy a ground between ritual and play. Do they come from some other place, not just art? Are they cultural objects more than art objects? Do they carry the residue of existing as functional objects? Photographic images sooth the desire for strange objects, gathering their own importance as discrete voices and bodies of work.

The furniture I have been designing and building are one of a kind pieces made predominantly with wood that is reclaimed or rescued with an emphasis on integrating practical value with understated design values that don’t hold to passing trends.

The Fine Arts Bivouac (on hold presently, for a bit- March 2016) attempts to integrate astute contemporary art within specific contexts (on-site). The art placed is then documented for the artist and then returned- although ephemeral pieces are also accepted as proposals. Attention is given to finding un-suspecting attention and a critical consideration of place and the work’s potential in that location.

My studio practices are intertwined with my role as an educator.

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J. Damron