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I participated in the restoration (as a volunteer) of 3 of 5 buildings that were once a Forest Service ranger guard station. The buildings haven’t been used since the early 1980’s. Historicorp lead the volunteer effort. Folks from as far away as Alberta Canada, Denver and the Los Angeles area came to help. The guard station is in the northern Sierra Nevada.

The guard station buildings were built in the early 20th century. One was a cabin built in the teens. The Forest Service then built the other 4 structures by the 1930’s. There is hope that the Pacific Crest Trail Association will use them as a base camp for PCT hikers. That location is a stop over, food re-stocking and take stock juncture along the PCT. ¬†This would provide a legitimate base camp for a location that has historically always been a prime spot for one. The nearby town of Sierra City has provided, informally, this role.


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