bivouac projects

Crustacea, Pacific Ocean Cave

Big Sur- 2013


Giant’s Head:

Placed at the edge of a busy cross country ski path, Sierra Nevada.



Logan Lape (NY): (site 1)

Void, prototype

Logan’s object is mysterious, and serves a function-art-banality with the quiet presence of monumentality. And it suggests participation in (also found in his body of work) the slight of hand aesthetic tradition going back to post-minimal and Conceptual Art. His piece will take place in other locations. This first site is on a mountain rising above the ocean and wilderness south of Big Sur in the Big Sur Ventana Wilderness. The site is a wilderness encampment seasoned over the decades, one of many strung along the steep-pitched dirt road rising over the Pacific in oak and redwood wilderness.logan-biv11


Luke Munn (Berlin): 3 Part Sound Project

Triptych For Great Basin– part 2: Physical Metre

“Physical Metre”
Pour water down a slope, where the running performer
is just able to keep up with the pace of the flow.
The footfalls, twists, and struggles to maintain momentum
form the percussive body to this piece, while the water
acts as tempo.
The piece ends when the water has lost momentum or sunk into the soil.
Video of Sound Triptych, part 2 (click to play video)
sound triptych- part2
Diana Ali (England): Interactive Text Piece

Diana Ali ( submitted an interactive text piece to the Fine Arts Bivouac (Bivouac page).

I placed her project in the midst of one of the largest, and most popular, commercial artisan events -the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair. I was exhibiting provision boxes and first aid kits while I placed a small table with intimate chairs in the midst of the boxes hoping for an inviting personal space where people would sit and respond to questions Diana Ali asks in her notebooks. And they did.

renegade-bivouac2 IMG_4355atext1


















Luke Munn (Berlin): 3 Part Sound Project

Triptych For Great Basin– part 1: Last Dark Sky



“Last Dark Sky”


Make preparations such that a late night campsite has only one light source remaining (e.g. fire).
Stare at light source, then quickly put out, while making as much noise as necessary.
Quickly shift focus and stare at sky, while remaining as motionless and still as possible.
Piece may end anytime after performer’s pupils have adjusted fully to this darkness.

Video of Sound Triptych- part 1 (click to play video)